Typowe podejścia do tworzenia aplikacji mobilnych   Leave a comment

BASED ON – http://www.itworld.com/article/2987054/development/native-vs-html5-vs-hybrid-mobile-apps-the-pros-and-cons.html.

Frameworki do tworzenia aplikacji webowych w oparciu o HTML/JS/CSS:

  • AngularJS, an open-source Web-application framework maintained by Google
  • Ember.js, an open-source JavaScript Web-application framework
  • React, an open-source JavaScript library initially built and now maintained by Facebook and others
  • Backbone.js, a JavaScript library
  • JQuery, a JavaScript library
  • Meteor an open-source JavaScript framework
  • Bootstrap and Bootstrap Javascript, a CSS framework often considered “mobile-first,” with an emphasis on “responsiveness”

Narzędzia do rozwoju aplikacji hybrydowych:

  • Apache Cordova, an open source platform that takes mobile Web apps using HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript, and builds native mobile apps from them
  • Adobe PhoneGap, a variant of Apache Cordova from Adobe
  • Alpha Anywhere, a development environment that allows people to build Web apps and also deploy them as native apps with little programming experience, but allows experienced programmers to use their coding skills
  • Ionic Framework: A framework focused on the user interface, that works with AngularJS and Cordova to build native apps from Web apps
  • OutSystems: Allows people to build Web apps and native apps using visual tools
  • Kony: A platform that offers a wide variety of tools for building native apps for different platforms
  • Xamarin: Cross-platform development platform for building native apps
  • Appcelerator: A cross-development platform that lets you write apps in JavaScript, then build native apps from them

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