Co SAP ma do powiedzenia na temat tworzenia aplikacji mobilnych   Leave a comment

With the integration of Adobe PhoneGap’s APIs, Appcelerator for Titanium and Sencha for Touch, SAP enables developers to create native mobile applications that tightly integrate with SAP. Read John Wargo‚s blog on SUP & PhoneGap and also Ingo Sauerzapf‚s blog SAP Gateway speaks JSON and PhoneGap talks device. Learn how Appcelerator Titanium uses the SAP ODATA channel to create native mobile cross platform business apps as you watch the video and download the code and learn more in the webinar. Finally, learn how Sencha Touch 2 can be used with the SAP ODATA channel to create HTML5-based mobile business apps. Read the blog, watch the video and try out the download. Check out all these new development options on SAP Developer Center – Mobile Platform!


Posted 28 sierpnia 2012 by marekwmsdn in Mobile, Mobile Apps


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