Materiału treningowe z MIX 2011   Leave a comment

Zestaw dostępny channel9:

  1. Mono –
  2. Knockout –
  3. JS –
  4. JQ – Good JavaScript Habits for C# Developers
  5. Script#- Compiling C# to JavaScript using Visual Studio
  6. Building Data-centric N-tier Applications with jQuery
  7. The Devil Went Down to HTTP- Debugging with Fiddler
  8. Deep Dive Into HTML5
  9. WCF Web APis- There’s a URI for That
  10. Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS)
  11. Hacking with the F12 Developer Tools
  12. OData in Action- Connecting Any Data Source to Any Device
  13. Data in an HTML5 World
  14. Modernizing Your Website- SVG Meets HTML5

Posted 24 września 2011 by marekwmsdn in JavaScript


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