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Po ukazaniu się wersji RC jQuery 1.5, rozpoczęto prace nad nowym projektem UI – GRID w ramach jQuery UI Team.  Ma on zastąpić i ujednolicić podejście do siatki danych implementowane w wielu rozwiązaniach wtyczkowych. Oto cytat “There are already a number of high quality jQuery grid plugins. We recognize they each have an impressive set of features, capabilities, and a level of use by members of the jQuery community. We are studying and applying practices and techniques from today’s most popular grid and data table plugins, including current favorites, SlickGrid,jqGrid, DataTables and a few that have not been updated in a while, like Tablesorter,Flexigrid, and Ingrid. We invite all authors and users of these and any other grid plugins to get involved in the design of the jQuery UI Grid.”. Źródło – http://blog.jquery.com/2011/02/07/jqcommunity-updates-feb2011/


Posted 21 lutego 2011 by marekwmsdn in jQuery


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