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  1. Korzystanie z certyfikatów w WCF –
  2. Podpis kodu korzystający ze znacznika czasu –
  3. If I want to use signtool in the same way I now use signcode where my
    certificate is stored in the local certificate store, and I don’t have
    to specify any explicit files as input to signcode other than the file
    I am signing, can I do that with signtool?

    For example, my signcode command line looks something like

    signcode -s my -cn "" -t
    -n "my product name" myassembly.dll

    is there an equivalent signtool command linew

  4. Inne arzędzie do podpisu –
  5. This is what my signtool batch file CL looks like:

    signtool.exe sign /sha1 9f89f3e1aa309fb141584f8aa28e90184c90398c /t /v %1

    %1 is the parameter from the batch file command line representing the file
    to be signed.

    Here, I’m specifying the specific thumbprint of a certain code signing cert
    using the /sha1 argument, but you can use whatever method you want to
    identify the cert.  The reference for signtool has all the options.

    The bottom line is that you definitely can and the arguments aren’t that


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  7. How to’s – wzorce –
  8. CRL –

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