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  1. Czołowe CRM w technologii open source (poza liderem Sugar CRM):
    1. Tine 2.0
    2. phpBMS
    3. vTiger – w PHP
    4. openCRX – Java
    5. hyperGate – Java
  2. Lista najbardziej rewolucyjnych produktów IT:
    1. Spring Framework: Disrupted Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE and J2EE) by offering a lighter, easier-to-use framework.
    2. Ruby Rails: Disrupted Java and .NET, offering an easier way to develop Web applications.
    3. Eclipse: Disrupted many if not all Integrated Development Environments with its open source offerings.
    4. Amazon Web Services: Disrupted managed hosting providers by providing simple and uncomplicated access to capabilities on a piecemeal basis.
    5. JBoss Application Server: Disrupted the commercial app server business with its open-source offerings.
    6. MySQL and other open source databases: Disrupted the commercial database market.
    7. Apache Ant: Disrupted Make and proprietary build systems.
    8. JUnit/xUnit: Disrupted developers’ mindsets, encouraged testing of code.

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