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W publikacji na ten temat można przeczytać “In the .net 3.0 world you can use WS Http Bindings for your web services. Where your service has to be interoperable with other clients you can also expose a basic Http binding. This works fine, but you don’t automatically get things like security and passing of user credentials. To enhance the basic binding you can take advantage of different security settings; one of which is TransportWithMessageCredentials, this means that the transport of the messages is secured and so the message can include plain text credentials without compromising security. This requires a secure transport method, in this case https (SSL).”

Całe morze informacji na praktyki WCF –

Podobnie gruntownie ten temat wyjaśnia w środowisku Java / Weblogic o’Reilly –


Posted 30 grudnia 2009 by marekwmsdn in WCF

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  1. Jesli tylko wkrotce pojawi sie nastepny artykul na ten temat to bedzie super! tak trzymaj, czekamy na dalsza czesc!


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